Laurie and Ken

Laurie and Ken

Monday, 14 August 2017

We finally got off the boat to explore. 

We have been working hard on boat jobs and are starting to get some work done but there’s a lot more to do. Sunday I finally got the water maker working. I started it up on Saturday and found a lot of leaks and a defective water filter. Off to the marine store to buy a new filter and start at it again Sunday. With the new filter and redoing a lot of the fittings it worked. We ran it for an hour and made about 20 gallons. I want to do a few more upgrades on it and it should be great. Monday we took the bus into Philipsburg for a day off the boat. We didn’t know what to expect because our cruising guide tells us that beside the casinos and the duty free shopping there’s not much to see. We were dropped off in town and went straight to the beach area witch look very nice.
No one on the beach

 Me and the blue and white camel I rode in on!

Walking down the board walk to the end we decided to walk back through the main “Front” street. There are lots of jewelry stores almost every other store is a jewelry store. Then out of nowhere came a German fellow named Bijon. He caught us of guard and reeled us in like a couple of dead fish. Time share guy! But wait, he said it’s not time share it’s something else and you also win a prize he said. Laurie was interested in the free prize so it was off to the office and get the sales pitch. We got in and the room and we had a view of the ocean and it was air conditioned. That was ok for me, I could sit and relax and stare out the window at the ocean and the beach. After the presentation the heat was turned on. This guy didn’t know who he was dealing with! I just said “Forget About It”. The free prize was a 3 day and 2 night stay at a hotel. “Forget About It” So now that we were cooled off it was back out to the street for some site seeing. This town can be compared to Playa De Carmen.

The street was closed off and people were standing in the street trying to get you into their store to buy jewelry. As I said almost every other store is a jewelry store. This town does well when the cruise ships come in but when there are no cruise ships this time of year we felt we were the only people in town and everyone wanted our money. But I told them “Forget About It”. So we had some lunch by the ocean board walk then went home.

Next week we will head over to Maho bay. This is a famous spot to watch planes take off and land. They come so close to you it’s almost possible to touch them when they land.




Thursday, 10 August 2017

We have to take a break!
It's been all work and we have to stop. So we promised ourselves to go to Philipsburg the capital of the Dutch side next week when we get good weather. We have walked around a bit to get to the marine stores and it's very difficult in the heat. So when we start exploring we will have to take our time and go slow. The temperature gets in the high 80's but there is a lot of humidity and the sun is very hot. Laurie's stated sanding the old varnish on the boat and I'm still working on the water maker.
Laurie sanding and getting ready to varnish.

This is a bar in the middle of the lagoon. It's closed for the month of August like everything else.
 Mauna Kea with Cole Bay village in the back ground.
Here's a new Jamaican drink called Ting.
What else would they call the ting!
 We were looking for a place to have lunch but this looked a little hot!

Saturday, 5 August 2017

We have done some running around but haven't seen anything yet!
We have been doing some shopping and looking for parts to finish the water maker. Wednesday we decided while in France do as the French do. So as we were out we stopped and bought a baguette a bottle of wine (or maybe 2) some French cheeses and a few meats and that was dinner. It turned out to be a great diner and a great night. We even started talking a little French! WE WE!

Thursday we had to go to a marine store on the Dutch side of the island. We got what we wanted and also walked up to the ACE Hardware store for a few more items. Laurie loves going to the hardware store!
 We have also been keeping a close watch on the weather. So we have moved from Marigot Bay to Simpson Bay Lagoon and hooked onto a mooring ball for the rest of hurricane season. We are an area surrounded by hills on 3 sides and we are right next to the "Witches Tit". Yep that's what it's called! See below.
Witches Tit protects us to the north
 Hills protect us to the east
We hope we don't get wind from the south or west
So once again it time for;
So Here's Interesting Tidbits S.H.I.T. for short.
St Martin and Sint Maarten is an island divided across the middle. The north part is French and the south part is Dutch. There is a story that is unsupported by historical fact that the French and the Dutch  were so civilized that rather than fight over the island they had a Frenchman armed with a bottle of wine walk in one direction starting in the north end of the island. A Dutchman equipped with a bottle of Gin walk in the other direction starting at the south end of the island. Where they met would be the boundary of the two countries. The French have more land because the Gin was a lot more stronger that the wine!


Wednesday, 2 August 2017

All work and no play!
Tomorrow we will be in St Marin for a week and we haven't seen to much, just a little of the down area. There has been 3 days we haven't left the boat. I have been installing the new water maker and Laurie is stuck doing boat chores like polishing the chrome. She can't get in the boat because everything is all apart and there's just no room. I think I might have it ready to start in 3 days and then we will see if it runs smooth. I am expecting some water leaks as did our friends on Isabella. After this is completed we will move on to the next project. I am thinking about getting a wind generator to top up the batteries where the solar cannot. Boat work is never done! But after the water maker is working we will take some time to look around before we start on anything new. We have lots of time before we leave St Martin.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

We have had a little look around St Martin.
We have been here 3 days and have had to do a bit of shopping and running around . Yesterday we walked around the town a bit and we were very surprised how nice it is here. It is very hard to walk around in the heat so we stop in a few stores or a few bars or any where to cool off or get a drink. For the next week or so it's back to boat work. I have to install our new water maker and Laurie will do some chrome polishing. Always work to do.

Here's what we saw when we woke up on Thursday morning.
Down Town
 Inner harbor marina
 Inner harbor marina
Here's a boat you can rent and drive around the inner harbor and have drinks and a BBQ
Watching the sun go down
When we left the BVI's we readied the boat and some preparation was done at night in a little bit of darkness. One of the preparation's was Laurie making sandwiches for the next day. She does a great job getting the food ready to grab and eat so we don't have to go below and make anything during the crossing. This time she made egg salad sandwiches on nice fresh bread. Early afternoon we had a few and some thing was not right. We both agreed that these sandwiches did not taste as good as usual. We ate them anyways because that's all we had ready. Yesterday Laurie made some lunch on the boat and with a sandwich she was going to serve some potato salad. She opened the container and to her surprise there was egg salad in the container! So for the crossing Laurie prepared some potato salad sandwiches and didn't know it. YUM YUM!


Thursday, 27 July 2017

We are in St Martin.
We left The Bitter End British Virgin Islands at 5:30 Wednesday morning and arrived 2:30 Thursday morning.  It was a long day and night. The wind and seas weren't to bad but we wished they were better. Today we rest and relax and tomorrow we provision and explore. From what we have seen so far St Martin is a very nice island.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

We are ready to go to St Martin's on Wednesday.
We checked the weather again and also heard from our weather girl and it looks like it will be a good day on the water. Today is a day for checking everything twice and settle everything inside the boat.   
 We found a little beach bar around the corner from us and decided to get off the boat and have a look. When we arrived it looked like we were back in Salinas Puerto Rico. There were boats backed up on the beach with load music and people drinking beer in the water. Just as they do in Puerto Rico. We also found that every one of these people were speaking Spanish. We thought this was odd so I mentioned to some people we were having a drink with and they knew all about it. The Puerto Ricans celebrate Xmas in July! The BVI tourism people invite this and plan many events for them. These people all come by boat and they call themselves the Puerto Rican Navy. They call themselves this because the travel together, party together, and help each other when they are in trouble. Because the slow down of the charter boat business in the summer in the BVI's the restaurants and bars put on extra staff for these people because they really need the business this time of year.
 Here's a link to Xmas in July 

(That was just a little bit of S.H.I.T.)