Laurie and Ken

Laurie and Ken

Saturday, 20 January 2018

 The next place keeps getting better!
After leaving the BIG4 Holiday park with all the screaming kids, Bowen Tropical park was the perfect place. This was a quiet park and there were only 2 other trailers besides us. We were 4 feet from the ocean and next to the picnic area with tables and BBQ. We enjoyed this spot! We seemed to be getting out of the busy area's.
Have a look at this short video


Very relaxing place
Our next stop was Townsville. It wasn't an exciting place we relaxed after a walk down the beach. All the towns we stop in have great beaches and waterfront parks.

Our next stop is Mission Beach. We were told this would be a good stop. It's a great little town and our Caravan park was great. We went for a walk on the beach and the a swim in the pool.
We saw these patterns on the beach. You can see it's some little critter that cleans out his hole and spits out the sand to make these patterns. 

 Looks like a flower!
We found the swimming area on the beach but we decided to pass. I don't trust those nets!
 You can see the nets in the water to stop stinging jelly fish, sharks, crocks!

Back to the pool for a swim!

Next to our camp site was this strange tree. I have seen these on TV before. These things have seeds inside and when they fall they smash open and the inside seeds are let out and it smells really bad. I think the smell is to keep animals and birds from eating the seeds. Some of them are as big as a pumpkin.

This is what it looks like driving around the Cairns area. Narrow roads and high sugar cane.

Today we are in Cairns and we won't be getting many pictures here. A little bit of rain will keep us inside.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Tannum Sands
Tannum Sands was a great spot with a great pool. Most of the caravan parks have everything you need.

 We are getting further north so that means we have to be carful where we go swimming. No swimming near the river in Tannum Sands.
Yep Crocks here!
Australia is great!
Here are some of the pictures of the park area in Tannum Sands. Every town is the same. The have beautiful parks with sheltered picnic areas with free BBQ's and washrooms, all very clean and well kept.  That's every town every where. It's great and it's free!


Next stop Bundaberg and we stayed at a caravan site in town but didn't take pictures. Not the best place in town but it was close to the rum factory. Up early on Monday then to the Bundaberg rum factory. We didn't go on the tour. I was more interested in the end product!

Our next stop was a small place called Clarview. nice spot on the ocean but again NO SWIMMING sharks and crocks. 
 No one swimming on this beach

Laurie resting
 Great view of the ocean and some islands in the Whitsundays
We had such a great tropical breeze we left the back door open all night


Today we are in Arlie Beach at the BIG4 Holiday Park. This park is for the kids! Laurie loves it here!

 Our site for the night.

Tomorrow we have a short day, next stop Bowen.